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APRIL MUSIC Stello DA-100 Signature USB D/A Converter

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APRIL MUSIC Stello DA-100 Signature USB D/A Converter

Post by HiFiLab on Thu Jun 22, 2017 12:43 am

Stello is a brand of April Music, a Korean manufacturer of distinctive audio electronics. The distinctiveness is felt not just in the looks, but also in the features and Pure Sound.

南韩高句丽在消费电子产品上遍地开花,Samsung、LG的产品铺天盖地、气势汹涌,叫人眼花缭乱,唯独Hi-Fi产品默默无闻。不过,近来Hi-Fi界冒起一家来自韩国名为April Music的公司,产品设计极具Lifestyle风格,声音表现亦广受好评。

DA100 Signature解码器便是April Music的主力产品。( 小巧紧凑功能齐备 )

Stello 100系列却采用了实用紧凑的外观设计,21 x 29.5 x 6cm(W x D x H)的尺寸与A4纸张的大小一样,既可以叠罗汉,又可以并排放置。与日系厂商“满城尽带黄金甲”金灿灿的外形风格不同,Stello 100系列的机壳皆采用黑色拉丝铝合金面板与钢质主机体,必要的功能键都布置在面板上,不多不少,正好够用,乍看有点娇小,内部元器件却是塞得满满,显得十分精悍扎实。

DA100 Signature内部用料扎实,全部采用误差1%薄膜电容,高质量的Cardas RCA接头与Neutrik平衡插头。DA100 Signature采用Pure Class A电路,工作时热气腾腾,还提供24bit / 192kHz / 96kHz / 44.1kHz三种取样频率,通过面板上的按钮就能直接选择。

同时提供RCA输出与XLR平衡式模拟讯号输出,输入 / 输出配置之齐备完整,该有的都有了。不只如此,当今电脑音乐盛行,DA100 Signature为了照顾到用电脑作为讯源的玩家,不忘加入一档USB数码输入。小弟试着使用USB连接电脑与DA100 Signature,设备识别过程无需安装程序,只要接上USB线即可。用DA100 Signature播放无损压缩APE文件音响素质颇为不俗,虽然尚不及高级CD机,但是对拥有大量电脑音乐的玩家无疑有了一部可以拥抱正经音响系统的Hi-Fi DAC!

DA100 Signature最大的特点是厚实丰满的中频,浓郁的analogue声,完全没有数码器材的冷硬感,歌声在Stello 100组合的演绎下栩栩如生。当然,细听之下DA100 Signature的高频还略欠一份袅袅的飘逸,稍缺了点开扬与通透,这与192kHz及96kHz的升频选择有关:当声频指示灯为绿色时,DAC以192kHz升频讯号,此时声音密度虽然明显提升,却不及96kHz升频模式时声音松化自然,高频在96kHz模式下更加玲珑剔透。

这当然是笔者的苟见,口味也因人而异,但至少DA100 Signature提供多档升频设定,让用家各取所需、灵活搭配,考虑可谓周到。

DA100 Signature设计优良,兼顾到不同讯源的玩家,提供丰富的接驳选择,声音上个性鲜明,带着浓浓的模拟味,一扫冰冷生硬的数码声,给音乐披上难以抗拒的感染力,即使不是面面俱到的讯源,Stello的表现将会给阁下的音乐欣赏带来无穷的乐趣。

Description :
The DA 100 Signature DAC runs a true 24/192kHz upsampling circuit into a steep 6th-order reconstruction filter,
then a fully balanced class A current-based output stage for a claimed 120dB dynamic range.
The power supply uses a 25VA toroidal transformer and the voltage regulator a 20 milliohm (10kHz) output impedance.
"Voltage conversion takes place in the final stages of the circuit."
The DA 100 Signature's input receiver can lock to 96kHz incoming PCM streams from a DVD player and input sensitivity on all S/PDIF sockets is 200mV.

User Review for reference :
DA100 Signature USB 96/24

The Stello DA100 Signature is amended with “24/192 D/A Converter”.

On the front

there is a knob,
a green LED signaling locking,
a button with a LED for activating upsampling and
a standby button with a corresponding indicator.

Upsampling value is indicated with a LED. If it is off – then the circuit is not active,
                                         is it green – 96/24, and
                                         is it red – 192/24.

A mechanical power switch is in the back, next to the IEC socket.

The back is really crowded.
Looking from left we see a pair of analog RCA outputs, using really solid, Cardas sockets,
balanced analog outputs, with Neutrik XLR sockets and five digital inputs.
- RCA and TOSLINK (both S/PDIF),
- USB and I2S.

All sockets – including USB – accept signals up to 24 bits and 96 kHz.

So we can clearly see, that this is NOT a 24/192 DAC. This last value tells something else – it has an upsampling circuit, which can convert the input signals to the 24/192 form, in which it is converted to analog.

When we take off the top cover, we’ll see a perfectly ordered circuit on a printed board.
The signal is chosen with an integrated switch and runs to the front of the DAC for initial processing.
The USB signal has a slightly longer path.
We have here a modern USB receiver, using the DSP from Tenor, exactly the same as in the CD-2s Ayon Audio.

Behind the power supply, close to the front panel we have a very worked out digital section, with two splendid, mechanically and thermally protected clocks – one for the 44.1kHz frequency and its multiplicity, and one for 48kHz and derivatives.
However on the input we have the AKM AK4117 IC. Interestingly, this is a 24/192 receiver, so the limit of the Stello input to 96kHz must come from different considerations. After the receiver there is an asynchronous upsampler Analog Devices AD1896, with 128 oversampling,
changing every input signal to 24/96 or 24/192. As you know from the front panel, it can be bypassed. The heart of the DAC is the AKM AK4395 converter, a delta-sigma 24/192 unit, with 120dB dynamics. From there we go to the analog section, which takes over about a half of the insides.
It is built using integrated circuits, with one notable exception – the output circuit, working in class A and using big transistors in push-pull setting. On the balanced output there is a single chip working as a driver for long connections.
The power supply is built around a medium sized transformer with two output sections – one for the digital and one for the analog part of the DAC. It is accompanied by Nichicon capacitors. The PCB is extremely solid, with gold plated traces.
Comparing it to other devices you should note the output voltage being slightly higher than the standard – 2.4V.

Technical data (according to manufacturer):
• Dynamics: 110dB
• Digital filter: 6. order
• S/N: 120dB
• Distortion: 0.003% (at 10kHz)
• Frequency response: 10Hz – 45kHz
• Output voltage: 2.4Vrms
• Receiver: up to 24 bits and 96kHz
• Dimensions: 212(W) x 55(H) x 290(D)
• Weight: 3,5 kg

Note : Come with Original Box

Price : RM 2250
Contact Simon Ting 012-3612507

Dealer\Reseller\Trader\Service Provider
Dealer\Reseller\Trader\Service Provider

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Post by HiFiLab on Tue Aug 08, 2017 9:30 am


Dealer\Reseller\Trader\Service Provider
Dealer\Reseller\Trader\Service Provider

Number of posts : 2036
Age : 38
Location : klang
Registration date : 2011-03-12

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